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Why us over the other guys?

  • We allow total customization for your tickets.  Graphics, sponsors, logos, whatever! 
  • We can handle multi-day tickets with one QR code! No more hand-stamping and other hassles.
  • Did you know some ticketing sites show your customers ads for competing events? Ouch.
  • Many companies resell your database to competing events. Double Ouch.
  • We own WHIO-TV Channel 7, K99.1FM and dozens of other powerful local media brands.
  • We offer real live help and customer support. 
  • Best of all, we are priced much lower than most other services.  Only 2.5% service charge plus $0.99 per ticket. 
  • Is your event free? No charges or fees. Really!
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Tickets Dayton is your complete event ticketing, management, and box office solution. Our robust, easy, and fully-customizable ticketing software gives you a simple way to create events, and generate new revenue! Your customers get a hassle-free, secure,easy-to-navigate and enjoyable ticket buying experience.

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